DNA Sanger Sequencing (LG-GA-Seq)

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What is DNA Sanger Sequencing?

Lab Genetix uses fluorescence-based cycle sequencing system which is an extension and refinement of Sanger dideoxy sequencing.

Lab Gentix provides researchers speed, throughput and flexibility of DNA sequencing with the means to gain valuable insights at a rate never before possible with state of the art GENETIC ANALYZER SeqStudio by Thermo Fisher.

DNA sequencing applications and approaches

DNA sequencing can be used for many applications, including:
• De novo sequencing of genomes
• Detection of variants (SNPs) and mutations
• Biological identification
• Confirmation of clone constructs
• Detection of methylation events
• Gene expression studies
• Detection of copy number variation.

Standard Sequencing Service

The standard sequencing service provides customers fast sequencing results of reading length up to 700 bp using plasmid DNA or PCR product.

Full-Length Sequencing Service (primer walking)

This service is for sequence analysis of plasmid longer than 2 kb including a long insert or PCR product. The turnaround time is approximately one week for a 3 kb plasmid and can vary depending on a template length. Assembled analysis data will be delivered to customers along with an aligned file, single contig file as well as custom primers.

Additional Services

  • Plasmid DNA Extraction Service: To free up researchers’ valuable time, a plasmid prep service is available at an additional fee.
  • PCR & Purification Service: Simply send us a template, primer, PCR conditions, and amplicon size. We will perform PCR, validate and purify the PCR product, and run sequencing.


  • Yield and purity of samples are measured.
  • Cyclic sequencing reaction using BigDye™ Terminator is performed.
  • The sequencing PCR product is purified.
  • Run sequencing reactions on ABI SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer.
  • Guaranteed length: 700 bp (based on a normal plasmid DNA).
  • Phred Score (QV): 20
  • Data file (ab 1, seq, .pdf, or .txt) and QC report are provided.
  • Complete analysis data is delivered to the customer.


The Sanger Sequencing service is intended for all customers in universities and research institutes. We are performing conventional Sanger Sequencing along with a range of service options to meet individual customer requirements.


The Lab Genetix DNA/RNA Sequencing Facility provides

  • Rapid Turnaround Time
  • Flexible Sample Submission I High Quality Results
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Hassle Free Documentation